The Car Collection Of This Indian Business Tycoon Is No Less Than A Dream


Our idea of being rich often revolves around having the best of cars in our garage. Who wouldn’t want to own a supercar? Almost every aspiring youngster has a great fascination for luxury cars or the hottest sports car and we’ve all grown with similar dreams when it comes to cars.


But for Shrenik Ghodawat this is no dream. The entrepreneur has a crazy collection of cars and this fascination for supercars runs through generations in his family. From his grandfather to his father and now Shrenik has amassed a whopping collection of 120 super hot cars. Would you believe it?


Sanjay Ghodawat, Shrenik’s Father and the face of Ghodawat is quite famous for his mammoth collection of cars or rather super cars. This business tycoon has every hot car in his collection given his ardent passion for cars and not just cars but the tycoon also owns a helicopter or two.

Many from this ultra exquisite collection were imported to India even before these makers started manufacturing in India. This collection includes Bentley, Range Rover Evoke, Bentley Flying Spur, Nissan GTR, Porsche CayenneBoxter, Audi R8, Audi Q7, Limousine, Cadillac, Jaguars, Mercedes and many more. Name a super hot or luxury car and you’d find it in this family’s collection.

Speaking about his family’s car collection, Shrenik said, “ My Father has taken it to a different level”

Which is the costliest among the collection?

The Ghodawat’s also revealed that among the plethora of high end cars they have, Ferrari 360 and Nissan GTRs are favourites when it comes to speed. Shrenik also told the interviewer that the whole family was really elated when they bought the Rolls Royce Phantom which is the most prized car of the Ghodawat’s.

Started with a swift

Shrenik also revealed in an interview that he has to start with a manually driven swift. Shrenik said that his father didn’t trust him with any other car so he had to drive a swift initially.

Aren’t you just amazed at the amazing collection of the Ghodawat’s? They have almost every car which we only dream