Sunny Leone Wanted To Dump Daniel Weber. But One Incident Changed Everything.


Sunny Leone Wanted To Dump Daniel Weber. But One Incident Changed Everything: Introduced to Indian audience in the Bigg Boss house, Sunny Leone’s past never interfered with her beautiful present.

She was introduced to India not as a porn star but as a bubbly girl from America. Her husband was never talked about in the media, she has always made it clear that she is quite a private person and she loves to stay at home than to drink and party.


We would really like to meet her husband, Daniel Weber:

Those couple goals, and  yeah they are the perfect example of it! He cooks for her, plays guitar and is a great cheerleader of her life. Daniel was smitten at first sight when he saw her 11 years ago in Los Angeles.

He being there for a band performance and she was popping champagne with her friends is how they make the story with. Daniel looked more like a womanizer and it took another month for him to date her.

When Sunny lost her mother, she was depressed and unavoidably low! She was not at all looking forward, lost all the dreams and ambitions; this man was the last thing on her mind.

She purposely accepted the date to make sure that Daniel rejects her and moves on. Hold on people, because that was not the case at all! Daniel in fact decided to hold onto her forever. He did not give up.

He sent 24 roses to scent her room that night. After dating her three long years, they tied the knot by following the rituals of both the cultures. Sikh wedding in the morning and Jewish traditional ceremony in the evening, is how they decided to marry!

She has, many a time confessed in the interviews that no man would have accepted her during that low and dim phase of her life but it was Daniel’s immortal love that won her! Daniel gave her all the confidence for what she is today.

From mutually working in the movies to running many businesses now, the couple has long ways to go. Sunny is proud to announce that all the scripts are accepted once it gets a nod from her man.

And the biggest fantasy of the couple is their home, privacy! They cook together, work together, and go on for a hundred holidays, together! Years after the marriage, they still hold a fresh and squishy bond, one can be jealous of!

This indeed is a adorable couple, we are ignoring for long now..I guess!!