Sofia Hayat Shared ‘Bedroom’ Videos From Her Honeymoon And Triggered A Controversy On Instagram


Sofia Hayat is one of the most controversial actors/models among Indian audience. She made entry into Bollywood by acting with lesser known actors and directors, but her biggest breakthrough came when she entered the Bigg Boss house.

Sofia also claims to be Indian cricket Rohit Sharma’s ex-girlfriend and time and again, she re-igniting the controversy by narrating her “past” incidents with Hitman.  Last year, Sofia Hayat surprised one and by making an announcement of embracing spirituality.

But, soon, she once again surprised her followers on social media by announcing her marriage with her boyfriend Vlad Stanescu. Sofia and Vlad are presently on their honeymoon in Egypt and, as always, she is posting every bit of information she can on her social networking accounts, through pictures and videos.

Sofia Hayat flooded her Instagram accounts with pictures and videos and while majority of the fans “enjoyed” her bedroom videos, some took offence and gave “moral” gyan to the model and her husband.

Sofia Hayat posted some very personal videos from her bedroom and, in all fairness, it is a little awkward because no one shares such personal videos on social media. Check out some of the videos and pictures she posted here:

When you know real know yourself..

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Our incredible infinity pool looking into the river nile!! #egypt #honeymoon

A post shared by Sofia Hayat (@sofiahayat) on baby..and the sea! Honeymoon day 1

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We love..therefore we are..#somabay #kepinski

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Let's talk about condomns. Part 1 #honeymoon #condoms

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Vlad is reading my instagram comments…

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