You can love him, you can hate him, but you cannot ignore him. Veteran actor Salman khan has a huge fan following in India and around the world but he also has his fair share of critics and has been in news in the past for all the bad reasons.


For getting accused in the 2002 Hit and run case to getting jailed for killing a Black Buck, he has an old connection with controversies. But the fact remains that he got acquitted in the 2002 Hit and run case and it’s still a mystery for netizens as to how it happened.

So, when Bhaijaan inaugurated a “driving school” in Dubai for Belhasa Driving Centre’s latest branch, twitteratis couldn’t believe the news and termed it as the biggest irony of life.

Here are some of the funniest twitter reactions:

1- Is Salman really a zen master?

2- This is brutal!

3- The sweet ironies of life

4- Hit it would be because its Salman Khan

5- This is hilarious! Salman’s way of controlling population

6- Kim Jong Un talking about democracy? What a sight that would be.

7- Rakhi Sawant’s satsang Kendra would be an instant hit considering the love for fake Baba’s in our country

8- What a funny school that would be?

9- And the nepotism war goes on

10- Ram Rahim’s ‘nari suraksha kendra’ after 10 months would be ‘nari bachao kendra’

11- Kalyug

12- God Bless Salman Khan!

13- The residents of Dubai are safe!

14 – So, is Black Buck Conservation the next step for Salman Khan?