At a time when Make My Trip is nailing the ads war with both Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh showcasing a hilarious yet sizzling chemistry in it’s ads, Trivago went for an out of the box idea and chose it’s own Country Development Manager for playing the host in its ad. Though the character got massively trolled for his looks and naive presentation, it did catch the eye of people.

The man is everywhere on the Internet and in case you have also been wondering, ‘who the guy is?, here is your answer.

The man in Trivago’s ads is Abhinav Kumar who lives in Dusseldorf, Germany and is Trivago’s Country Development Manager. In an interaction session with Economic Times he shed light on why Trivago chose him as it’s model in the ad. He said,

“We had a hard time casting for a suitable model, so I was asked by our brand marketing head to do it. Initially I was slightly reluctant, but in the end, I am happy it got people curious about Trivago. We always think that a Mr. or Ms. Trivago should just be like one of us. Anyone is capable of using it to search for their ideal hotel and who better to explain the product than an average person?”

He has till now featured in 6 of Trivago’s hilarious ads and his trademark line, ‘Kya Aapne Kabhi Online Hotel Search Kiya Hai? (Have you ever searched for a hotel online?) has become an Internet sensation along with him.

Here are some of the ads he has featured in:

Inspite of being an unprofessional actor, he has been successful in catching the eye of people and has even been subject of thousand of Memes.

Now that he has become an internet star in India, people like to follow him, know about him and at times even troll him on his Twitter handle.