Horror movie in India had always been low on fear and thrill up until 1992, when Ram Gopal Verma came up with Raat. He re-defined horror movies in India and especially female ghosts, who were stereotyped to wear white sarees and look sanskaari.

The female ghosts in India looked funnier rather than scary in most of the horror flicks of 60’s to 80’s. They had big nails, made weird noises and always made sure to wear ghunghat.


In this post, the team of Funniest Indian has analyzed the sexy transformation of female witches in India. They are now bolder, sexy and are not afraid to wear bikinis. They are no more Sanskaari now.

Prior to 1950, Just two horror movies were produced in India, Khooni which came in 1946 and Mahal, which came in 1950. In fact Mahal was the first movie which dealt with re-incarnation and launched the career of Madhubala.


Yeh Raat Fir Nahi Aayegi- 1966

Sharmila Tagore played the role of a beautiful Sanskari ghost in Yeh Raat Fir Nahi Aayegi. Clad in a saree, she played the role of a women whose skeleton mysteriously came back to life after two centuries.

There were numerous C-grade horror movies released in late 60’s and 70’s, that portrayed Indian female ghosts as a lady clad in white saree having long nails and teeth.

These witches looked funny rather than scary.


Yogita Bali played the role of a revengeful Naagin in this movie and her character even had a glamorous touch but with a Sanskaari make-over.

Woh Phir Aayegi- 1988

Moon Moon Sen played the role of evil Asha in this horror movie.

She wore a white Sari and didn’t forget to keep her Ghunghat on in several scenes.

House no 13- 1991

This 1991 horror movie also made it’s ghost hide behind a white saree and her pallu.

Raat- 1992

Directed by Ram Gopal Verma, it was the first horror movie which showed it’s female ghost in clothes other than a white saree. It broke the stereotypes attached with an Indian female ghost.

Bhoot- 2002

Urmila Mantodkar played a possessed wife in this RVG film and luckily didn’t wear a white saree.

Krishna Cottage: 2004

Isha Kopikkar was given a glamorous touch as her role of a witch in Krishna Cottage. The sanskaars seemed to go away from this movie.

Aatma -2006

Bollywood sought it’s inspiration from movies like Exorcist, Exorcism of Emily Rose to prepare it’s witch in Aatma.

1920- 2008

Loosely based on the Exorcist, this movie also depicted a Sanskari witch which possessed a woman.

Mallika – 2010

The most glamorous Indian witch ever.

2012- 1920 The Evil Returns

This movie also featured an Emily Rose type witch, which believed in Sanskaars( No flashy clothes).

Raaz Series

Bipasha Basu redefined the image of Indian female witches. She gave it a glamorous avatar and made viewers go crazy after her. No more sanskaari witches!

Great Grand Masti

Uravshi Rautela played a witch which wanted to do Masti with some body. She is the first modern witch of India.