Indian Army needs some special breed dogs, and their only choice is Mudhol which is known as one of the strongest breed. Let us know more about them.

1. Their name:


They are named after a small village Karnataka. Hounds killed local tribes back then and since when they are named after the town.

2. Use in Caravan:


These dogs used to go along with the caravan and hence the British named them ‘Caravan Hounds’

3. Their origin:

No, they are not originated in India. Back then they are known as descendants of Tazi and Saluki, which is basically a foreign breed but brought in India. By Persians, Pathans, Afghans and Arabs.

4. All about Health!

One of the most healthiest breed of dogs, not a dog to mess with!

5. Can last long. 

Yes, while others fail to provide service Mudhols can be as long as needed in mighty conditions. Unlike other dogs, Mudhols are more hardworking.

6. Vision:

They have a vision of 270 degree which is because of their elongated skulls.

7. Good eyesight:

They break the scent tradition for dogs as they have some exceptional eye sight. Also categorized as sight hounds.

8. Workout.

They workout more than humans, constant exercise is required for them. They learn everything at a very early age like socializing with others.

9. Task completion.

According to THE HINDU, Mudhol are expert to complete any task given to them within or in 40 seconds.

10. A rare breed:

Despite all the ability they have their breed is endangered from extinct and all the efforts are going on to figure out the way.

11. Life Span:

They live till 10-15 years but they do some exceptional work in between their life span.

12. Early sex life:

Though Dogs do not reach to their sex life early but it is astonishing seeing how Mudhol Hounds reach their sexual desires by the age of six or nine months.

13. Use of them by villagers.

After found in Deccan Plateau region where villagers use them for guarding the property, they also use them for hunting.

14. Issued stamps:

At 2005 January, Indian Postal Department decided to issue stamps for these hounds at the value of Rs. 5.

15. Maratha warriors:

Yes, these hounds go way back when they were part of Maratha troops.

16. Killed Tiger:

After Shivaji’s Grandson was attacked by Tiger, Mudhol Hound killed the Tiger.