12 Times Indians Had No Idea What They Were Doing


It’s not difficult to find humour in India. If we travel 2 kilometres, we probably find 20 funny stories. Every nook and corner of India is filled with stories. Interesting and funny. We, at FunniestIndian.com, keep looking for stories that can make our readers laugh. It’s our main motto. And, for that, we keep taking tours of internet to find hilarious stories, pictures, videos and memes for you.

In this post, we have listed some of the most hilarious English errors that led to very funny dual meaning non-sense. Well, just check these out:


Eat my what? Read what is written on the cart. Will you eat at this cart? Ask me. NO WAY!


English translation: Choco di*k

Which powder? Modi Ji please arrest the restaurant owner. 

It is hilarious and painful. 

LOL. This cracked me up. 

Which roti? Come again? No, which one? I am never, ever, ever eating this roti in my life. 

Grape. Yes, grape that look like mango. Incredible India. It happens only in India. 

Poor television. No, seriously. 

The most eco-friendly wedding dress, EVER. 

The Real Bigg Boss!

Little girl has no idea what that means. 

Why, Aunty Ji. Why?