Here’s Why Adult Movies In India Are Called Blue Films


Indians given porn sites a large share of their traffic but still talking about it is a taboo in India. This is one of the many taboos that India still finds itself caught in despite an idea of new Indian being presented by our politicians.

I wonder if these taboos around porn, sex, homosexuality etc will ever meet an end in India or not. So, since porn is a taboo in India we have different names for porn movies in India. While some call it ‘Blue Films’ so call I adult or X Rated videos. Why is it so?

Why would a porn movie be called a blue film as is the case in India? The exact reason why someone would call a porn movie a blue film isn’t really known. But there are three stories very close to solving the puzzle. These 3 favourable theories are as followed

1. Blue tint

In the early days of the movie industry, the films were very low budget. Cheap methods were used to make non coloured films. These films had a certain blue tint on them and hence they maybe the name ‘Blue Films.’

Now this looks like the most reasonable and close explanation of porn being called Blue Films.

2. Colour of the polythene of VCR

In earlier day it was the VCR that was trending. The VCR shops gave VCRs in simple polythene. But for VCRs containing porn or erotica, Blue polythene were used to differentiate.

3. Blue laws

Blue laws existed 50-60 years ago. These laws abolished anything that contradicted with the traditions of the society. So, there’s a possibility that Blue Films might have got their name from blue movies.

Let us know which theory did you find the most relatable. So, now maybe you know why porn movies in India are called the blue films. We really hope these redundant taboos settle on fine day.