There have been many child artist in our Bollywood and Television industry which gave us some amazing and memorable performances. These child actors never fails to win our hearts with their cuteness and acting skills.


One of the most popular child actor of our Television industry was the child artist who played the role of Lord Krishna in the show ‘Jai Shree Krishna’ that used to be aired on Colors channel. Although, if you are not aware of the fact then we should tell you that role of Krishna was played by a girl and not a boy.

But the girl looked so adorable as Krishna that everyone was in love with her. Her mischievous, naughty expressions were perfect for the role of Lord Krishna. The show became an instant hit because of the kid.

The name of the girl who played the role of Lord Krishna was portrayed by Dhriti Bhatia. After this show, the girl became a big hit and a big name in the television industry. Apart, from Jai Shree Krishna, Dhriti has been a part of many shows but she gained fame because of this show where she played the character of Lord Krishna.

However, it’s been 8 long years since the girl debuted with her show ‘Jai Shree Krishna’, the girl has now grown up beautifully. Now along with her acting career, Dhriti is now concentrating on her studies as well. Here are some of her latest pictures, have a look:







She has changed a lot but she looks adorable even today.

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