With each passing day, new revelations are being made about Gurmeet Ram Rahim, who was convicted by a CBI court to 20 years imprisonment for allegedly raping women inside his Dear premises.


From having incest relationship with his alleged daughter Honeypreet Insaan to allegedly castrating over 200 of his followers, the list of crimes by Gurmeet ram Rahim just seems to grow every day.

But that’s not the end of his crimes. He fooled millions of Dera supporters who blindly trusted him and took him for an avatar of God. The 700-acre Dera property in Sirsa had a wide range of vegetation, which Ram Rahim sold to his followers at alarming rates.


Here’s How Much Ram Rahim Charged His Followers For Vegetables:

1- Papaya

A single papaya was sold for a whooping Rs 5000 by Gurmeet Ram Rahim to his Dera followers.

2- Vegetables- Brinjal, Cauliflower

The price of vegetables sold varied from Rs 1,000 to Rs 10,000 depending on their sizes. He termed the vegetables as divine gift and fooled people by extracting unimaginable prices for them.

3- Peas

Gurmeet Ram Rahim sold handful of peas for around Rs 1000.

4- Chillies

Chillies were sold for Rs 1000 to Dera supporters who termed these vegetables as prasad from god.

5- Tomatoes

2 tomatoes were sold for a sum of Rs 2,000 by Ram Rahim and what worse, his followers blindly gave any price for vegetables which grew on his farm.