From Fat To Fit, Know About the Inspiring Transformation Journey Of Ganesh Acharya


Ganesh Acharya is the most loved choreographer of Bollywood. Despite of weighing around 160kg, with his dancing he proved that the weight is just another thing. However, there were so many people who criticized him for his weight but he never tried to hid behind his fat, which was very inspiring. Apart from choreography, he is a film director and occasional film actor.


We have a very exciting news for all the fans of Ganesh Acharya. He has undergone an amazing transformation. Yes! from “FAT” to “FIT” , his transformation journey is mind-boggling.


Earlier, Ganesh Acharya weighed 160kg and then he was asked to gain 40kg more. Yes!200 kg but the reason behind his weight gain is very interesting.


Ganesh Acharya started dance group at the age of 12:

Ganesh Acharya’s father died when he was only 10 year old. After his father’s death, his family faced financial crisis which made him leave his studies in between. Ganesh Acharya started learning dance from his sister and at the age of 12 he started his own dance group, where he started teaching dance to other students.

The Script of a movie demanded him to gain 40kgs :

Yes, it was a script of a movie which demanded him to gain extra weight. The name of the movie was “Hey Bro”. He gained 40kgs more for an action movie and he did many action scenes in the movie and according to him he was satisfied with the work he has done.

The transformation:

While shooting for Golmaal Again, a video of him got viral, where everyone was shocked to see his transformation.  Here, watch the video:

Hard to believe, but yes he is Ganesh Acharya.

Ganesh Acharya is currently shooting with Sunny Deol for his upcoming movie.

Ganesh Acharya is also ready to work in his upcoming Marathi movie, called “Bhikhari”

Ganesh Acharya is truly an inspiration. Not just for transforming himself but for loving himself the way he was before as well.

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