The youngest polo player to represent India at the World Cup, an adopted son of the late Maharaja Bhawani Singh, His Highness Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh is redefining royalty with his flamboyant lifestyle.



Born on July 12, 1998, Padmanabh’s biological father Narendra Singh worked as a clerk in Jaipur’s City Palace while his biological mother Diya Kumari was the only child of Maharaja Bhawani Singh.

But, on 22nd November 2002, Late Maharaja Bhawani Singh adopted Padmanabh and that’s how he became the heir of Jaipur’s erstwhile royals.


After the demise of Maharaja Bhawani Singh, Padmanabh Singh was graced with the throne which led him inherit royal wealth running into some 3000 crores.

His heritage of lawsuits, snobbery and palace intrigues, at the age of 13 made him an overnight news. However, a huge chunk of his property is mired in litigation.

Apart from being born with a silver spoon, it was his selection in the Indian Polo Team which gained him recognition outside his royal fame. With this feat, Padmanabh became the youngest polo player to represent India at the World Cup.

After the completion of his junior college, Padmanabh Singh toured around various places of Europe and USA for his polo marathon. Hailing from Jaipur’s wealthiest family, the young King is surely living our dreams!

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