With success comes lavish lifestyle and a zeal to achieve those bigger dreams. In India, there is no better example than Mukesh Ambani, whose an epitome of how one’s smart brain can get a person where they always dreamed to be.


The Ambani clan stepped up the ladder of success after Dhirubhai Ambani’s master mind made some rock solid achievements in the industry and since then there has been no stopping the Ambani’s.

Presently, Mukesh Ambani is the richest man in India with a net worth of Rs 27,00,000 crores. Apart from him, his wife Nita Ambani is also a successful businesswoman and looks after Reliance foundation and Mumbai Indians.


The Ambani’s believe in leading a lavish lifestyle and their adobe Antilla speak volumes about their exorbitant taste. Antilla is the world’s most expensive residential building and in houses every luxury you can ever think of. From having a 50-person home-theatre with a garden roof to 9 high-speed elevators and three helipads on the terrace, Antilla is not just a home but a dream.

Although every thing in Antilla has something special about it but a glimpse into Nita Ambani’s washroom will take you to an altogether different world. Her washroom is more beautiful than a normal luxurious apartment and has every automatic feature to make it a relaxing paradise.

From automatically adjusting temperature to filling water in the tub, everything is computerized in her washroom. But the feature that stands out and makes it an ultimate luxury den is the automatic scenery adjustment which enables a person to change his surroundings. For example- if the person wants to experience the feel of a beach or a mountain, the bathroom walls will show pictures of beaches or mountains respectively.

The cost of her bathroom runs into crores but it is truly a marvelous den of luxury and pleasure.