People Made Fun Of This Man On Twitter. But Regretted It After Knowing His Reality.


It’s a shame that people are judged on the basis of their skin colour. We are not saying that every individual discriminates like this, but even if there is one person, it’s a matter of big shame for the society.


These days, social media, which has changed the way how people consume news in India and around the world, has become a home for the troll army to insult people on almost everything. From clothes to colour of the skin, the troll brigade of the internet never lets anything go without uttering filth.

The social media can sometimes be very harsh on people. The internet is making us insensitive and there needs to be some kind of intervention before it gets too bad. Not long ago, a picture of a couple did rounds on the internet and people of the internet made fun of them because of the skin colour of the guy.


From Facebook to Twitter, the troll army insulted the man in the picture without evening know who he is. He is Atlee Kumar, one of the most renowned directors and screenplay writers from South and the woman with him is South-Indian actress and his wife Krishna Priya.

Attlee Kumar is a very accomplished artist and he worked with renowned Director Shankar for 5 years, acting as the associate director for massive, landmark films such as Enthiren (Robot) and Nanban.

His good work with Director Shankar at such a young age, was applauded by one and all and soon he became a household name among Kollywood fans after his award winning short film Muggaputhagam (Facebook). Atlee has already worked with the best of Tamil Film Industry veterans in his debut movie.

In the year 2013, Atlee Kumar made his directorial debut with the romantic drama film Raja Rani, starring Arya and Nayanthara in the lead roles. His work was parsed by fans and experts from the industry and and Atlee won the Vijay Award for Best Debut Director.

His next venture was Theri (2016), an action family drama movie, starring Vijay, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, and Amy Jackson. Theri was a massive hit and it did a business whopping 250 crore INR at the international box office. The film was also dubbed in Telugu and screened under the name Police.

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It is very important that we don’t judge a person on the basis of his colour, caste a religion. A person should be judged only on the basis of the good/bad work he/she has done. All those who trolled and insulted Atlee Kumar should hang their head in shame because he is one of the most respected young artists in India and achieved success that is inspiring many youngsters.

We, at, keep looking for stories that can make people laugh. And, we understand humour. But, there is a very thin line between humour and insult, which shouldn’t be crossed.