According To A Survey By Durex, These Are 12 Ways How India Likes To Have Sex


SEX, The word is enough to make someone feel awkward or uncomfortable. Everyone loves having sex, everyone is curious about it but the funny thing every one is either too scared or feel uncomfortable talking about sex. Agree or not, but we can’t really talk about sex, forget talking, we can’t even say this word openly in public.

Well, we have something to spark your curiosity. Durex conducted a survey that revealed how people behave between the sheets. In the survey, people were sorted into groups based on sexuality, age, gender, whether they were virgins or not and if they were sexually active or not. The survey shed some lights on how Indians have sex.


Here are 12 things Durex revealed from the survey:

  1. Kissing is sex! :


According to 52% men, touching your partner’s privates parts meant sex and even worst, 45% participants from age 50-65 believes that kissing is having sex.

2. More People Are Now Accepting Homosexuality:

Although, homosexual sex is illegal in India, as according to the section 377 of IPC makes it illegal to have unnatural sex. But 54% of participants said that they accept homosexual people. The women are more accepting of the homosexuals than the men.

3. But we believe it is okay to pay for sex :

Yo will be shocked but payed sex is legal in India and 42% participants too said that it is okay to pay for sex. In this survey one more thing was also revealed that out of 28% of participants who have cheated on their partners 7% of people still continue lto pay for sex while 3% have done this in the past.

4. Masturbation is harmful to health:

39% of participants believe that masturbation is actually harmful to health. Out of these 37% participants 41% were women. 72% participant believed that masturbation is acceptable for women and 73% participant thought it is okay for a man to jerk off.

5. Women are more acceptable towards infidelity than men.:

In this survey men had sterner view than women, from sex to masturbating to doing something without the consent. And to add more fire to this, 25% of men believe it’s unacceptable to them if their partners watch porn without their consent or knowledge. And if this wasn’t enough, 22% men find it offensive to have their partners masturbate.

6. The average age to loose virginity is between 23-24:

Although, in the result of last year’s survey average age to loose virginity was 19. The change was only due to including maximum people with older age in the survey. One more thing was revealed that two-third of the people from this category are still virgin.

7. Indians are most sexually satisfied people in India:

A country where even talking about sex is considered as a taboo, this revelation was hard to digest. 72% participants were satisfied with their sex lives, which actually means 7 out of every 10 people is very satisfied in their sex lives. I this wasn’t enough, people in the age group of 65 years and above are the most satisfied ones. 80% of participants in the same group of 65 years and above said their sexual life got better as they aged.14% of participants were not sexually active at all and the most dis-satisified people were in the age group of 50 and 64.

8. Indians are afraid to reveal their sexual orientation:

Among all the countries who participated in the survey, Indians saw the greatest number of people who were not comfortable in answering this question. 1 out of 10 men and 1 out of 5 women refused to answer this question.

9. The one industry millennial’s are not killing :

Respondents from the age group between 18 and 24 years reported the highest condom usage, followed by the participants from the age group of 25 and 34. Among all the condoms, flavored condoms were the most preferred one. 39% of participants have not used any form of protection while having sex.

10. People on dating sites are there to make friends:

As compared to 19% women, 50% men on dating sites revealed that they use dating sites for casual sex. 46%participants use dating apps to go for dates, while 44% participant use it just to kill time and 0% to find a long term partner for a committed relationship.

11. Indians are Kinky:

Yes, in the survey it was revealed that Indians are kinky. 48% of participants admitted to have involved in BDSM, roleplays, strip tease, anal sex, sex with toys, and much more..The most experimental group was from the age of 18 and 34 and the least one was from the age group of 65 and above.

12. Porn is a form of sex education:

Yes, in the survey it was revealed that Indians think that porn is a form of sex education. 45% of participants have used videos to learn about sex positions and 64% of them have used videos.

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