9 Most Bizarre Traditions That Are Followed Only In India


Unbelievable though it may sound, India, the land of rich culture and heritage has weird and mind boggling traditions which may leave us zapped and in an unacceptable awe. Some of these send chill down our spines.

Let us look at some of these  traditions

Children being buried in ground : –

Children in Karnataka are buried under the ground till the neck for 6 hours to cure them from mental and physical ailments.

Smashing Cocunuts –

Mahalaxmi temple in Tamil Nadu has priests smashing coconuts on the heads of devotees, claiming that these would bring good luck, fortune and health to them.

Piercing hook into the skin –

Devotees at Mahalaxmi temple at follow a ritual of hanging themselves from a shaft from the back by a hook and they are carried around the city in a procession.

Cattle Trampling –

Cows in some villages of MP are smeared and painted with color, decorated with flowers and henna and are then allowed to run over the villagers who lay down on the roads, claiming to free them from pains and bring fortune.

Animal weddings –

From frogs to dogs and even donkeys, these are animals who are ritually married according to hindu culture in Assam, Karnataka and Maharastra with an assumption that it would bring rainfall to the village.

Eating human remains –

Hair raising though it may sound , the aghori sadhus in Banaras claim to find purity in having intercourse with a corpse and eating human remains – a way they feel connects them to God ..

Trolling over left over food –

In villages in Karnataka, low class people roll over the left over food of the high class people believing that it would remove ailments from their lives.

Walking on burning coal –

Walking slowly over burning coal brings blessings, done in some places in Tamil Nadu.

Beating each other with sticks –

Devotees in Devaragattu temple in Andhra Pradesh beat each other with sticks during Dussehra every year to recall the conquer in Shiva over the demon.

However modern we may be, whatever level science grows up to and even though we reach the stars and the galaxies beyond imagination, some parts of our country still make us question ourselves – Are we still dwelling in the ages gone by millions of years ago…