Karan Johar’s talk show ‘Koffee With Karan’ has never been short on drama and always manages to grab the eyeballs. From striking controversial conversations with the star celebrities to receiving some brutally honest answers, Karan Johar has ensured the show is always high on Masala pedigree.


Though Karan might be a word wizard, there have been incidences on the show where he received brutal answers and didn’t know what to say.

In this post, the team of Funniest Indian brings for you 14 instances when Bollywood Celebrities roasted Karan Johar on his own show and gave him plenty to think about.


1- When Shah Rukh Khan trolled KJo like a boss

Perhaps Shah Rukh was having second thoughts about his friendship with Karan.

2- When Kangana decided to destroy Karan on his own show:

And this incident started the debate of nepotism in Bollywood. But one thing is for sure, it would have hurt Karan, where it hurts the most.

3- Kangana even slayed Karan with her gestures

There was no respite for Karan Johar that day. Everything he said or did, completely backfired.

4- And again

You don’t ask irrelevant questions from Kangana Ranaut.

5- When Farah Khan had enough of Karan Johar

You don’t throw stones at someone, if you live in a glass house.

6- Last nail in the coffin

It could not have got more embarrassing for Karan.

7- When Anushka asked him to shut up

On your face, Karan Johar!

8- When Imran had the best comeback at Karan

That reaction of Karan Johar says it all.

9- When Kajol insulted Karan regarding his acting skills

Bollywood was lucky that Karan Johar stopped acting.

10- When Ranveer got irritated with KJo

You don’t ask a Casanova his relationship status.

11- It could not get more embarrassing

Mrs Funnybones aka Twinkle Khanna totally nailed KJo with her epic reply. After all her standards are pretty much higher than KJo.

12- That was absolutely brutal from Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan doesn’t minces with his words. He says what he feels. What an insult!

13- When Mira Kapoor didn’t hold back her words

Mira indirectly indicated Karan that he is the flag bearer of Nepotism in the Industry.

14- In your face!

When Konkana showed Karan the reality. After all he is not an actor, is he?