Ravi Shastri’s Monthly Salary Is More Than You Can Imagine


India’s head coach Ravi Shastri is the highest paid cricket coach in the world. Shastri is a very colourful character who believes in saying things as he sees them. From commentary box to press conferences, he is known for speaking his mind. Ravi Shastri has own way of saying things and he is very popular among fans for the same reason.


During his playing days, Shastri was one of the key members of the Indian cricket team. He has always been a goo student of the game and unlike many Indian cricketers of his time, he is very aggressive and believes in giving it back to the opposition.

He was a star performer during his playing days and even after retiring, he has always been close to Indian cricket. Over the years, Shastri has been the voice of Indian cricket from the commentary box. His commentary style is a delightful blend of excitement, enthusiasm, flamboyance, a bit of arrogant and a whole lot of analysis.


You look at every big moment of Indian cricket in the last one and a half decades, and you will find Ravi Shastri commentating in the background. And, this is the reason why he is called the voice of Indian cricket.

Coming back to his caching duties, since his arrival, India have been performing well and he has added more aggression and confidence by backing young Indian cricketers. He is backing the likes of Hardik Pandya and Yuzvendra Chahal by putting them in pressure situations early on in their careers. And, India have not lost a series since the day he took over as head coach.

According to a recent report published on BCCI’s website, Ravi Shastri was paid a little over Rs 1.20 crore for his services during the first three months of his new tenure with the Indian cricket team.

Shastri took up the job in July this year and has since been paid Rs 1,20,87,187 for a three-month period between 18th July to 18th October.

This means, Ravi Shastri’s salary is more than INR 40,00,000 per month. Wow! That’s a lot of money.