25 Idiotic Indian Advertisements That Doesn’t Make Any Sense


The Indian ads has a quite strong impression among the audience. We tend to believe in the content of the ads and gets influenced easily. So, here is list of ads that the Indian audience has been fooled in to believing for quite a century.

  1. So, Kareena and Katrina has dandruff and hairfall problems. I wonder what do they do with all the money which they earn!

2. Bottled water, golf accessories and CDs; that’s what Bacardi and Seagram’s make. Duh!

3. Warning! Don’t use deodorants. You can be the reason for ruining someone’s marriage.

4. Who cares if you have a Masters degree. All you need is fair skin for a job. Voila!

5.Want teeth which will shine like diamonds? Dentists recommend all the toothpastes that exists in our market. So, just “brush away”.

6.Salt is the answer for goitre and all the toothpaste has it. So, now you know which medicine you have to take if you have goitre!

7.Jewellery has the power to make couples fall in love after arranged marriage. So, make sure to buy some expensive jewellery if want to fall in love after an arranged marriage.

8. Want a girl to notice you? Make sure that you are wearing a deodorant because girls are more interested in that!

9. No matter which ever handwash you are using you will always have 0.01% germs in your hands.

10. Have some soft drinks to bring the hero out in you.

11. And some stars are so enthusiastic that they will even risk their lives to buy soft drinks instead of spending some money.

12. Want to have some fruits? Shampoo is the answer.

13.Shampoo ads have better special effects than a Hollywood movie.

14. Slather the chocolate all over your face. That is the only way of having a chocolate.

15. How to identify a super cement? If a hot girl is coming out of it.

16. A mother’s biggest concern? What oil brand is her daughter using.

17. Want success? Have some Paan Masala.

18. If you don’t want your toilet to become the news sensation then make sure it is clean.

19. Want to know if the person is an expert? Then make sure he/she is wearing a coat.

20. Sanitary pads can boost up your confidence.

21. Which is the car of the year? Apparently, 20 brands.

22. SUVs are apparently used for off-roading and smashing walls.

23. Inners can you make you feel warm in chilling weather.

24. And who knew mangoes can be sexy too!

25. Risk factors are always highlighted in mutual investments ads.