Never ever underestimate the power of a woman. If she can make your world, she can also destroy it within seconds. India is generally perceived as a country where women are considered inferior to men and in some circumstances are even subjected to domestic violence.

There is no justification to this domestic violence and men who indulge in domestic violence, should be punished according to law. Though most of the Indian women silently bear the pain of domestic violence, there are some who stand against it and in many cases, don’t shy from beating their husbands.


This post is dedicated to such women who didn’t refrain from beating their husbands and showed to the world who the real boss is.

1- Never underestimate the power of a woman.


2- If a woman gets angry, just run away from that place.

3- So, next time don’t ask your wife for making moire rotis. 

4- Please let me go!

5- Don’t ever think of cheating your wife or else face the music. 

6- Like a boss!

7- Hit him hard!

8- The tragedy of having a strict wife.

9- Some wives even had the audacity to beat their husbands outside the police station.