Nobody can understand the power of team work better than Indians. Be it at the workplace, in sports, or in your daily life, we come across several people who typify the definition of team work.

Team work helps us to function better, achieve better results, increase harmony in the society and most importantly learn new things in life. But since India being India, even team work is done in extremes here, with people risking their lives for one another.


In this post, the team of Funniest Indian brings for you 18 pictures from India that define the definition of team work in India. We believe in working together, and it doesn’t matter whether the work is risky or not.

1- Now this is what you call team work. Indian women have been doing it for years.


2- The future CEO’s of India.

3- Who needs a seat when you can sit on you friends’s lap. 

4- Teamwork + Jugaad= 100% success rate.

5- Team work is the key to success.

6- I bet even you have done something similar like this in school or college. 

7- Should I laugh or applaud their courage and team work?

8- Ladki patane ke liye kuch bhi karega.

9- Studying is incomplete without teamwork. 

10- The basic rule of friendship. If you are willing to die, tag your friend along.

11- We Indians care too much  for each other.

12- Even if we have the option of doing something alone, we only believe in teamwork.

13- We like to drag everybody with us. Just too much of care.

14- Even our policemen strongly believe in the power of teamwork. 

15- Team work can also get you through the window of a train.

16- Or like this.

17- Team work can also be injurious to health.

18- like this.

And always remember to choose the best partner or you could land in big trouble.