If you ever had a pet at your place or still have one, you must have surely seen them making hilarious innocent facial expressions to silently plead for a taste of your food. It doesn’t matter whether they are hungry or not, they just want a bite from your plate and will go to any limit to get that.

They are extremely good beggars and gives Irresistible looks when they want something from you. They will keep staring at you innocently till you give them something from your plate or will surely cause you a stomach ache.


In this post, the team of Funniest Indian brings for you pictures of 10 pets who gave Irresistible Looks and asked for food in the most innocent manner.

1- This cat loves that chicken and she will do anything to get it.

2- Awww, he’s so desperate to get that treat.

3- Look into her eyes. All she can see is that chicken.

4- Please give me that bacon mom. I so want it.

5- Awww, this cat is begging for food.

6- When your friend is conspiring against you to have the food first.

7- You will surely have a stomach ache. He is counting your every bite of food. 

8- Please him that before he licks something else.

9- Pizza lover cat!

10- When your cat is sitting on pancakes, you have to them them to her.