You can love them, you can hate them but you simply cannot ignore them. Since it’s inception in 1960’s, Bhojpuri cinema has grown to new heights, with massive following in North India especially Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.


It might still be very small when compared to Bollywood, but it has no shortage of creativity or stars. It has one of the most dedicated and hardcore fan base among regional cinema and has multi crores annual turn over.

But what makes Bhojpuri movies standout from the rest are it’s posters, which reek literature and creativity. The posters are so artistic with a well thought out name and a pinch of vulgarity mixed with humor.


In this post, the team of Funniest Indian brings some of the most funniest Bhojpuri movie titles with a videshi touch.

Here’s how Bhojpuri movie titles will sound, if they were made in English

1- It cannot be translated into English

2- Baby you look sexy when you drink Pepsi

3- You can find WiFi inside my Lehanga

4- My beloved lover from Bihar

5- Inspector Babu I Love You

6- How would I spend the night without my wife

7- Will get Inside and beat you

8- The weird sister-in-law of the bizarre brother-in-law

9- My Sister in law teases me a lot

10- The husband is foolish but his wife is a player

11- I want a milky white wife

12- The Girlfriend is hot and the boy friend is fantastic

13- How is the character of my beloved wife

14- Cowdung Singh

15- My Lehenga is flooded