Innovation is a hallmark of excellence and Indians certainly excel in that. We can have anything done whenever and wherever we want. Our engineering brilliance enables us to master the art of jugaad and utilize scarce resources in the best possible manner.


We believe in self made technologies and it’s the biggest reason why 36% of scientist at NASA are Indians, we were able to launch a spacecraft to Mars and ISRO was the first space agency to detected the presence of lunar water.

We definitely don’t like to follow the old conventional ways but prefer to pave our own ways, and sometimes we take it too seriously. Now, if you haven’t tried to become the ‘ghar ka desi mechanic’ atleast once in your life, you need to question yourself about being a true Indian.

In this post, the team of Funniest Indian brings for you 12 pictures of absolute desi engineering masterclass from different parts of India.

1- Who says you cannot cook without cooking gas? Just a few candles, 2 beer bottles and there you go.

2- The world’s best water heater.

3- A little jugaad can do wonders for everybody. 1 cooler + 1 pant = cooling in 2 rooms.

4- A cooker that also works as a coffee steaming machine. What an idea, sirji!

5- World’s best multi-purpose car.

6- What can chill a beer faster than the air-conditioner itself?

7- Who needs a hair pressing machine when you can do it with a press. Heights of jugaad!

8- Is that some sort of concept car?

9- The new definition of home theatre.

10- Incredible India!

11- The world’s cheapest satellite.

12- And still people say Indians don’t know how to utilize technology.