Indians are always one step ahead when it comes to “jugaad”. People in India know very well how to use the day-to-day items as a substitute for something else.

Of course, we can’t forget the same habit in case of lovely relations and our “perfect date”. We are definitely passionate about romanticism and would show the same with some kind of “jugaad” obviously. Afterall, everyone cannot think so creatively about the world.


To be honest, while some people use this as a beautiful asset and make their life better, some are also there who take it to the next level.

They will literally make the romantic moments a piece to be laughed on. Well, these are not very uncommon to find on the social networking websites. People deliberately post such pictures that make us laugh like a hell.

Here, we have collected some of the most viral and funny couple images that will definitely make you laugh out loud and compel you to comment ROFL.

When you know you are fat, but that would not make it a weakness. Rather, you are enjoying the company of millions in your social network.

This one seems scary. Here, the wife supposedly trying to kill her man with food only. Clever, huh?

This is the first time you have seen something like this. Drinking from the same coconut is common, but this?

The man seems to love his wedding very much.

Well, marriage means taking each other’s responsibilities. This man deserves respect.

Ashok and Bindu’s honeymoon had these many members?

Clark Kent? Well, it serves him right.

This is the best smile a couple photo can ever have.

Hello, what is going on there?

Literally, he has fallen for the girl. Not everyone dares to fall in love.

He surely loves you, or so I would like to believe.

The revamped “Dekh mat pagli pyaar ho jayega”.

Dhoom Returns!

He is a true lover. No doubt, he can die for his love of life.

Information or Bio-data?

If you feel like having a similar picture we can laugh on, be sure to comment it.