When we know a language, we speak it. When we don’t know a language, we tend to do our own sort of improvisations and speak it anyway. That’s my dear, India for you.

Even in a country with the second highest number of English speaking population in the world, a vast majority treats it as an additional language. Although, the hype around it can’t be ignored, the ill-made foundation of English at the very basic level lets a bunch of errors creep into our vocabulary.


Thanks to the unopposed pride, class and confidence that comes with this language, we just can’t let go of it, can we? Presenting, 15 spelling mistakes from India that will make you laugh, cry, and gag.

Relax and sip on a whiskee.


Gents, you know your place.

Any butty parler around?

Get your eyebro perched.

Sounds yummy. Reads yummier. If that’s a word.

Need a Chaineeeeese takeout?

3 mistakes in one row. Too much to take it at a time.

If only life wasn’t this tempting.

Need a long lazy masaz day, followed up a few rounds of mene kure and padi kure.

Need some s**t back home?

What a scholar to grab this schalorship!

Past food is the tastiest food.

I’m sure a bunch of people would be interested.

There’s nothing here that’s not testy.

Don’t know whether I’d prefer eating this stuff.

Take a sip.