Life in India is never short of drama! When we’ve over a billion people and animals roaming around, every other person comes with their own way of doing things. And it’s not just humans who engage in out of the world activities.

Animals in India sometimes act like they are light years ahead. They are not confined by out going trends. They live in their own world and in many situations, act in the most comical way possible.


Here Are 14 Funny Pictures Of Animals From India:

1- Poor little dog! But how did he get on top?


2- This cow needs an auto to go back home. She doesn’t like walking.

3- Isn’t that Elephant smart? I love his clothes.

4- This cow prefers a bus to commute. Modern India!

5- She’s not a cow but a cowpet. She travels like a dog.

6- This Elephant knows how to poop like a human! Intelligent, isn’t he?

7- When your poo is your best friend and he loves going on bike rides.

8- This is the reason why India is called the most adjusting country. Sitting like a boss!

9- And we thought only Humans are master of Jugaad

10- Who says animals and Humans cannot live together in Harmony?

The bear in picture is Buddu, who was raised by a family in a village called Lakhapada. He developed unbreakable bond with the family but was later separated after the Zoo authorities took him away.

11- Even monkeys like to a part of ‘Matkey-Fod’ competition, even if it’s for stealing some food.

12- The sweetest Traffic police cop ever!

13- This donkey loves his humans and prefers not to use his legs

14- When life gives you lemons