Innovation is a hallmark of excellence and Indians certainly excel in that. We find the best possible presentation of an issue, then whether it is concerned with engineering or expressing social messages with a touch of humor in it. We definitely don’t like to follow the old conventional ways but prefer to add our own comical touch when it comes to spreading a social message.


But Indians being Indians, we tend to do our own sort of improvisations and more often than not, our unintentional humour that takes away from the message that needs to be conveyed. More than the meaning, it’s the structure of the sentence that takes away all the focus.

In this post, the team of Funniest Indian has compiled a list of funny public message boards in India. After reading these messages, it’s hard to wonder why it’s tough to follow rules in India. But some of these messages have a wonderful touch of wit and humor.


Here Are 14 Funny Public Message Boards In India:

1- Seriously? And we say public display of affection is not allowed in India

2- I wonder why did Delhi Police put something like this?

3- We wonder if policeman themselves could understand the notice board

4- Nazar hati, durghatna ghati!

5- Did the officials actually believe that somebody could take out a tree with his/her mere hands?

6- Do you believe in re-birth?

7- Chota machar, bada expenditure!

8- Baggers or beggars?

9- You cannot get more explicit than this. Perfect encouragement for building a toilet

10- Looks like MCD doesn’t is strictly against perverts

11-Jokes aside, every parent should do that

12- Nahi to khoon ki nadiya behe jayengi.

13- The perfect poster to promote toilets. 

14- Haha. This is brutal from Bhilai traffic police. Don’t lech and drive.