Have you ever passed out in a friends party or on the toilet seat after getting drunk? Well, I bet most of have and if you haven’t, then you need to look at the people in this post , who found the  most unfortunate places to pass out.

Getting sloshed in a party and doing hilarious things is part of the trend but passing out in rather weird places, is pretty hilarious.


In this post, the team of Funniest Indian has compiled 15 photographs of drunk people who passed out in public, absolutely unaware about their surroundings.

1- When you don’t need a bed to pass out


2- It must have surely hurt!

3- Perhaps she was trying to become a duck herself

4- She found the best place to pass out. Sleepy ride!

5- This has happened to almost all of us

6- Oh shit!

7- A journey from heaven to hell!

8- When you try to imitate Shah Rukh Khan in a party

9- When you cannot control your thirst!

10- When you want to kiss mother Earth!

11- When all you want in life is sleep!

12- What was she doing?

13- Perhaps, he took that staircase for his pillow.

14- When you get a bar in your home, it is bound to happen.

15- Times when you hit on a drunk girl!