People experiment with anything in the name of fashion and we often come across millennials wearing the most awkward outfits. From wearing torn clothes to having peculiar designs on their outfits, people do anything in the name of fashion.

In this post, the team of Funniest Indian brings for you pictures of 10 people who experimented in the name of fashion and wore the worst outfits.


1- This guy took his ass for a car. World’s fastest ass perhaps!


2- WTF! The worst pant I have ever seen.

3- Why was he even wearing a pant if he had to reveal everything?

4- She is just too much inspired by biology.

5- A pirate lost in the world.

6- When you can’t afford a proper pair of jeans. 

7- She is looking at you, infact they are looking at you. 

8- Something’s just should be left alone. 

9- This guy seriously needs to change his fashion sense.

10- A perfect chef pant.

11- What was this man trying to hide?

12- When you don’t want to use an itch-guard at night.