Facts are always fascinating, aren’t they? Facts excite people of all interest and all ages and facts instigate such curiosity among us. Now, given your crazy love for fascinating facts, we bring you a collection of facts which will blow your mind. Ready to be blown away?

1. You can eat gold


Yes, you can eat gold and this is no joke. Now you know why gold biscuits are called gold biscuits. We bet you didn’t know this!


2. It rains diamond on Saturn

While we die for diamonds, they rain perennially on Saturn. Only if I could go to Saturn for like 2 minutes, I’ll be super rich!

3. Lighter came first, match sticks later

What? Yes, that true and this one really blows my mind. If a lighter was already invented then why would we need match sticks? It’s a strange world indeed.

4. Blood contains gold

Not that you can get ornaments carved out of it. Blood contains very little gold, about just 0.2 mg in the entire body. Only if there was more of it and we could extract it.

5. Turtles masturbate

See, you’re not the only one. Just like you even turtles can masturbate. Not just the turtles but Elephants ana porcupines masturbate too.

6. Sharks came first and trees later

Sharks are 400 million years old while trees are 350 million years old. Of course you didn’t know that!

7. Birds are unable to pee

Oh yes, actually they don’t have a urethra. So, you know how everything comes out from just one place.

8. Horses don’t vomit

Well their bodies are meant that way. Horses never vomit because their body is made in a unique manner which doesn’t allow them to.

9. Babies don’t Dream

You are wrong if you feel that babies keep smiling for they are dreaming. According to science they only start dreaming when they are 4 years old and above. They start of dream between and 4 and 5 years of age.

10. Jelly Fish Can Evaporate

You didn’t know this, don’t you pretend now! Their body is made up of 98% of water hence they can even evaporate. That’s a really strange and unfortunate way to perish.

11. Swearing calms you down

Now I realise why saying ‘F##k O##’ every 5 minutes brings so much relief. Swearing does help one calm down.

12. Dolphins name themselves

Yes, Dolphins name themselves and just this but. Every dolphin has a unique whistle and scientists believe that they name themselves or each other with these.