11 Compelling Superpowers That Monks Have In Real Life


We all love to watch superhero movies. The heroes inhibit supernatural powers and use them to save us from the villains. However, these movies are based on imagination. But throughout ages, some monks have claimed to have special powers developed through meditation. More research has proved that some monks really have super abilities in real life. Read on to find out.

Super human body Strength: 


Monks with their years of practice develop such core strength in their body that they possess super human body strength. When we find any physical activity difficult including pushups, monks can perform one finger pushups easily.

No gravity:


These monks are so agile and light that they can run along a wall which no one else can do. It takes years of practice to perfect this.


We have seen pictures of monks feeding tigers in Tiger Temple in Thailand. These monks are completely fearless and it adds to their super powers. They pet these tigers and that is no mean feat.


Monks can endure much more than a regular human. They go through special training to achieve this level of endurance. Some monks have ran 1000 marathons while some can starve for 100 days at a go. It takes huge determination to endure every difficulty that comes your way.

Walking on water:

This is something science can’t explain. Shaolin monks are documented to walk on water for 125 meters. This is real super power.

Balls of Steel:

In order to learn Shaolin, they go through tough physical training and kicking the crotch is part of it. Eventually they overcome the pain.

Maintaining Body Temperature:

Monks living on the top of hills can’t buy sweaters to keep them warm. Some monks live in the Himalayas where temperature is always very low. They have learnt to adjust their body temperature through meditation to survive.

Low metabolism:

According to studies, monks have 60% less metabolism than normal humans living in cities. This allows them to survive in low oxygen and less food. If we had this super power we would never get fat.

Lighting Speed:

You must have seen movies where monks move faster than everyone else. This is one super power they have mastered. Years of Shaolin training makes them very agile and fast. According to legends, one monk fired a needle so fast that it moved through a glass sheet. Insane speed.


No one can defeat a monk in a fist fight. Shaolin makes them invincible. This is a terrific super power to have.

Sixth Sense:

Practicing martial arts for years develop sixth sense. They can anticipate danger coming from anywhere faster than others. We can only wish for powers like these.