If you thought Indian websites don’t cater to sexual fantasies, then you need to re-consider your thoughts, as somewhere under the tab of sexual wellness, you will find a plethora of weird and funny things.

From selling Break up kits to love chewing gums, Indian shopping websites have a plethora of weird and funny things on its menu list.


In this post, the team of Funniest Indian has compiled 8 weird and funny things that can be bought on Indian shopping websites.

Here’s The List:


1- A peepee enlargement pump

If you are one of those who believes in sexual myths, then a peepee enlargement pump will apparently make your schlong, well, long. Psst! It’s sold on the website under the sexual wellness tab.

2- Sexlove chewing gum

For all those who want to increase their libido, sexlove chewing gum is the answer for you. Perhaps the most expensive chewing gum in India.

3- Instant underpants

For all those who cannot keep their pants on for long, instant underpants is the solution for them. A pill that becomes an underwear. It just cannot get any cooler.

4- Public Toilet Survival Kit

An essential product when you travel by Indian Railways. Each kit includes one toilet seat cover, two antiseptic wipes and one pair of latex-free disposable gloves. No more sticky toilet seats.

5- A sex contract  by men or women

Inspired by 50 shades of Grey, this contract ties your lover in a sex agreement with you guarantees you a hell of a time in bed.

6- Hangover Kit

No more hiding from parents after purchasing this kit. An essential for an Indian guy.

7- A severed Hand

Wanna play a zombie prank with your friends? Just order this hand and courier to your friends place.

8- Breakup Recovery Kit

For the emotional ones who cannot handle breakups, this breakup recovery kit offers condolence as well as a step towards recovery. It’s description reads, “Sometimes the tin works better than your over expressive stinky hug. Our Breakup Recovery Kit offers maximum relief from soul-crushing, revenge-inspiring, self-pitying, and all-around unbearable heartache.”