10 Things Foreigners Should Avoid Doing When In India

India attracts a lot of foreigners each year given the fascinating culture and heritage India offers to the world. India is a melting bowl of cultures, religions, languages and ethnicities and that’s what serves the best attraction for foreign tourists.
But there’s a list of don’ts for foreigners visiting India. It would only be convenient for the foreigners to not do the following things. As much as cliched these may sound but for some strange reasons these cliches and reminders are important.

1. Don’t argue for logic 

You wouldn’t find a lot of logic in India. Call it fortunate or unfortunate but that holds true in India’s context. So, when in India just let logic take the back seat and go with the flow.

2. Don’t flaunt affection in public places 

You might find yourself in trouble or bullied for showing affection in public or having intimate moments in public areas. So this word of caution will surely come handy for you when in India.

3. Don’t be looted by shoppers 

Indian shopkeepers might fancy looting you. They like to make tourists shed out a lot of money rather than taking the exact worth. So you must be cautions and aware while shopping. A little research might help.

4. Don’t you dare ask for beef 

Beef is a big issue in India and people here are quite sentimental about cows. A simple question of yours asking for beef may land you trouble.

5. Don’t encourage beggars 

In India sadly you’d find a lot of beggars. Begging is like a big scam in India and you’d find beggars everywhere. You shouldn’t give money to them and encourage them.

6. Don’t travel at night 

Traveling at night in India may be a little risky. Since tourists aren’t really familiar with India, they shouldn’t travel at night and avoid putting their safety at risk.

7. Don’t be surprised to see crowd 

Crowd is something that you’ll see everywhere. We’re the second most
populous nation in the world after all. Don’t be scared of finding crowd everywhere, you’ll find people in packs everywhere you go.

8. Don’t wear shoes inside religious places 

In India you would find many institutions of religions. While going to a temple or a gurdwara make sure you leave your shoes outside.

9. Don’t wear short clothes 

When in India, wearing short clothes might not be a good idea. When in India you should not wear revealing clothes and dress up decently to avoid trouble.

10. Don’t call elders by their name 

In India you should not call elders by their name. In foreign nations that’s totally cool but when in India you should respect elder people.