10 Naughty Riddles That’ll Help You Turn Your Man On.


For the girls who like to spice things up with their men. Do you struggle or feel nervous on how to turn your man on? Well, guess what? we have some naughty riddles that might help you to turn your man on. These riddles are not just naughty but also extremely sexy and fun! Just give it a shot and your man might get some hints through these riddles.

Have a look:


1.You’ll find them in different sizes. If it’s chilly outside, it drips. And, if you blow it, it feels like heaven. What is it?

Answer: A nose!


2.What’s long and hard and has the word ‘cum’ in it?


Answer: A coCUMber.

3.What’s the white, sticky stuff most girls like, but instead of swallows, spits out?

Answer: Toothpaste.

4.What goes in hard and comes out wet, squishy and sticky?

Answer: Bubblegum.

5.You have to blow it to play with it. What is it?


Answer: A balloon

6.You can’t taste it until you undress it. What is it?

Answer: A banana.

7.What holds your buns firmly and makes them look round and pretty?

Answer: A thong.

8.It has two feathery hoops and is used to chain you in bed. What is it?


Answer: Yes you guessed it right, handcuffs!

 9.Unless you spread it, you can’t enjoy it. What is it?


Answer: It’s butter.

10.You play with it at night and it vibrates in your hand. What is it?


Answer: It’s cell phone, duh!