10 Most Unusual Jobs You Will Find Only In India


Preparing for another tedious week at work, every Monday we drag ourselves out from the bed to start another mere story of existence. Endless official calls, emails and reminders, the conventionality changes.

We have many in our country who have that ‘Out of League’ jobs, the most unusual ones. Downright bizarre or part of a dying tradition, we have all. Would you like to spend a day as…? Well, here’s the list of 10 unusual works we have in India:


Ear Cleaner:


A wad of cotton, sharp steel needle along with a pincer- are the tools required for this job. Often found at streets of the local markets and around monuments in the city, you will get them with the above mentioned tools! Gradually dying out, this profession still calls few people who can hear clearly only if they had a ear cleaning by a professional ear cleaner.

Mustachioed Doormen:


Any hotel in your city or to Rajasthan, you must have seen the musachioed doorman. With their luxuriant moustache, they take pride in flaunting their splendour and holding the gate for you.

Roadside dentist:

A sharp pain in your tooth while walking! Here’s a rescue, the roadside dentists are often found in the bylanes of India. There’s no anaesthesia.

Human Scarecrows:

A person who is supposed to scare off the pigeons from personal properties, specifically hotels or palaces using flags which have a crossed out bird sign.

Professional Mourners:

People who are paid to cry at funeral, they are also called as the Rudallis. Old yet odd custom prevalent in Rajasthan! They wear black color.

Pet Food Taster:

Your pet deserves the best; these professionals thus evaluate the nutritional value of the pet food.

Ball Inspector:

Crazy about cricket! There are professionals in the country inspecting every ball used in the International matches.

Water Slide Tester:

Inspector who inspects every slide and ride before it’s open for the public. Sounds funny!

Corpse Photographer:

Though unbelievable, it is actually another profession in the holy cities of Varanasi and Haridwar where people go to perform the last rites. Taking the pictures of the departed at the burning ghats, these photographers charge anywhere between Rs 1500 and Rs 2500 per day.


To dig up history about your ancestors dating back to at least ten generations, they are also called as ‘Pandas’, mostly found in Haridwar. It is said that the Hindu families used to visit these Genealogists to update their family trees and ask about their horoscopes.