10 Most Unique ‘Prasads’ You Will Find Only In These Hindu Temples


In this post, we have listed some of the most interesting prasads you will get at the below mentioned Hindu temples.

1- Bhairon Mandir, Delhi and Kaal Bhairav Temple, Ujjain


Liquor aka Madira is served at Bhairon Mandir. It’s probably the most visited temple by alcoholics in India.


2- Jagan Nath Temple, Puri

The temples offers Mahaprasad to the deities which consists of 56 varieties of uncooked and cooked food dishes. It is famously referred to as 56 bhog in hindi and is considered very auspicious.

3- Karni Devi Temple, Rajasthan

Famous for its scores of rats, this temple serves prasad which is laced with rat saliva.

4- Kamakhya Devi temple, Assam

Devoted to goddess Durga, this temple offers a piece of cloth to devotees which is moist as it is dipped in the menstrual fluid of Goddess Kamakhya.

5- Chinese Kali Mandir, Kolkata

This mandir perfectly proves India’s motto unity in diversity. This chinese style temple offer noodles as prasad.

6- Alagar Kovil Temple, Tamil Nadu

The prasad cannot get tastier than this. It’s a delicacy for the south Indian food lovers.

7- Shri Parmahans, Madhya Pradesh

Biscuits are served as prasad at this temple against the traditional notion of sweets should be served at temple.

8- Murugan Swami Temple, Tamil Nadu

This temple serves fruit jam as prasad. A packet of bread with you are you are in for a healthy breakfast at god’s own home.

9- Gogamedi Temple, Rajasthan

This temple in Rajasthan serves onion and lentils as prasad to devotees.

10- Tirupati Balaji Temple, Andhra Pradesh

This temple is famous for its laddoos that are offered as prasad. It is known as the Tiputai laddoo or the Sri Vari laddu. This prasad has been awarded a geographical copyright as well.

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