Valentine’s day, a day dedicated to love and romance. A day where people express their love and feelings to their loved ones and try hard to make them happy in every way possible this day.

But these “love-birds” makes it tough for us singles by flooding our feeds with their pictures. You must be seeing a lot of love quotes and pictures of “love birds” today, so we thought of giving you a break from all those lovey-dovey messages.

Here, we bring you 100 funny valentine’s day memes, that will make you laugh until your jaw starts to hurt. Have a look:

  1. How do you wish to look like on valentine’s day and how you end up looking like:

2. Your First Kiss expectations on Valentine’s Day vs the reality :

3. Lol, when you grew up watching Tatiya Bichu :

4. What you think bae will buy for you vs reality:

5. Boys proposing girld on Valentine’s day vs reality :

6. Candle Light Dinner Expectations on Valentine’s day vs the reality :

7. Taking a bath with bae in bathtub vs reality :

8.Romancing under rain in India vs reality :

9.  Receiving Hugs From Bae on valentine’s day but Error 404. Bae Not Found. :

10. Spending your valentine’s day expectations vs reality :

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the singles from our side 🙂

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