10 Heavily Paid Jobs That Require No Professional Degree


Here, In India, having a degree has always been considered as the primary option for getting a high-income job.


But it’s not any secret that the cost of college or education these days is pretty out of control and has increased drastically over a past few years. With the cost of education, competition has also increased very much. And companies nowadays are seeking higher degrees with experience which makes it more complicated for students to get high-income jobs. Because of the same reasons students are now taking more and more interest in paid internships so that they can support their education and gain experience as well.

But this option is not possible for everyone and we already have educated population who are unemployed in very high numbers.


So, a much better option will be to get a job which will pay us well without these traditional degrees and graduation hats on our head. We can always get the education later when we have money in our pockets if we are passionate about education.

We bring you some magical jobs that will surely solve problem of money to a large amount and with that it will also create a base for future education.

P.S: These jobs may not be available at the same income in India, you might have to live in a different country, which is also a plus point of these jobs.

1. Power distributors and dispatchers:

Power distributors and dispatchers, this job includes the responsibility to regulate, distribute, or coordinate stream or electricity. The educational qualification which is required to get this job is High School Diploma and the annual income is Rs. 52.50 Lakhs.

2. Commercial Pilots:

To become a Commercial Pilot, the educational qualification which is required is high school diploma and a certificate/license of a pilot. The responsibilities of this job include navigating the flight of fixed-wing aircraft on nonscheduled air carrier routes, or helicopters. The annual income of this job is Rs.49.50 lakhs.

3. Power Plant Operators:

Power Plant Operates, for this the work involves to control, maintain, or operate machinery to generate electric power. To become a power plant operator the educational qualification reuired is a High School Diploma and the annual income is Rs.48 Lakhs.

4. Gaming Managers:

To become a Gaming Manager in Casinos you need to be able to coordinate, plan or direct gaming operations in a casino. To get this job you need to have a High School Diploma as an educational qualification. The annual income is of Rs. 44.25 Lakhs.

5. Funeral Service Directors:

To get this job all you need is nothing but an associate degree. The work responsibilities includes to direct, plan or cordinate the services or resources of funeral homes. The annual income of this job is Rs. 47.25 Lakhs.

6. Detectives & Criminals Investigators:

We all know what criminal investigators and detectives are and what they do. All you need to become a Detective & Criminal Investigator is the talent to conduct investigations related to suspected violations of Federal, State, or local laws to prevent or solve crimes. The educational qualification you need to have for this job is a high school diploma and that’s it. The annual income is Rs.50 Lakhs.

7. Elevator installers and repairers:

To become an Elevator installer and repairer, you need to have a high school diploma as an educational qualification. The work responsibilities include to assemble, install, repair or maintain electric or hydraulic freight or passenger elevators, escalators, or dumbwaiters. The annual income is Rs.50.50 Lakhs.

8.Radiation Therapists:

To become a radiation therapist all you need is an Associate degree. If you are good in observation, you are best for this job. The work responsibilities include checking the types of equipment, observe patients reactions to treatment and document the session. The annual salary is Rs.51.50 Lakhs.

9. Nuclear power reactor operators:

This work comes with a great responsibility and a lot of danger as nuclear reactors can break the hell if they go wrong. To become a Nuclear power reactor operators, you must be able and willing to handle he work like operating or controlling nuclear reactors. With that you need to Move control rods, start and stop equipment, monitor and adjust controls, and record data in logs. The annual salary is of Rs. 58.50 Lakhs.

10. Air Traffic Controllers:

To become an Air Traffic Controller, all you need is an associate degree and that’s it.Air traffic controllers are personnel responsible for the safe, orderly, and expeditious flow of air traffic in the global air traffic control system. The annual income is Rs.78.50 Lakh.