Relationships are something which always cover a part of our mind and heart. We are either in a relationship or are forever trying to get into one. Some relationships are good, some end on a bad state, but nevertheless, all relationships leave a mark behind when they end.

While some people choose to suffer the pain quietly when their relationship ends, some are hell bent on letting the world know about it. They post cryptic messages, drink heavily, call their friends at 2 am, indulge in trash-talking but don’t have the courage to talk to their ex and solve the issue.

Here are some of the funniest things couples do after break up.

Funniest Things People Do After Break-Up:

1- Blocking and unfriending your ex on Social Media

But you continue stalking her through your friend’s profile.

2- Deleting all the pictures of each other from Instagram and other social media platforms

And then you regret why did you do that.

3- Calling your ex over and over again and trash-talking him

It only proves how immature you are.

4- Skipping work, sitting idle at home, eating pizzas in the name of Break up

An occasional flow of tears can also happen sometime.

5- Turning the other way and ignoring your ex when you see them in public

Why does anybody do that unless and until he/she is guilty of something very bad.

6- Posting pictures with someone else to make your ex feel jealous

And it only worsens the situation.

7- Posting sad messages on social media platforms

Perhaps it’s just to show the world that you are sad.

8- You try to get close with your ex’s friends

And it actually helps if you want to get back with your ex.

9- You indulge in casual flirting and sex with other people

Most probably the best way to get over your ex.

10- Intentionally going to places where you can see your ex

Just to check out whether they still like you.