Indians are crazy and that is what makes India incredible. Our craziness runs deep into our veins and no matter what we do, there will always be a tinch of madness in it. From loving some one to hating someone, there has to be something unique about it.

Some Indian couples are particularly very peculiar when it comes to display of affection. From becoming superman to making the weirdest possible face on a wedding, you will come across funny couples in every part of India.


In this post, the team of Funniest Indian brings for you a list of 10 funniest Indian couples, whose pictures will make you go ROFL.

1- This groom decided to be a superman at his wedding.


2- This couple made out hiding behind bushes. But unfortunately for them, they left the space for 5 men to enjoy the scene.

3- As they say, there is no age for making love.

4- Perhaps, the best husband in India. Didn’t mind carrying her wife’s bag.

5- Let’s all celebrate the Honeymoon of this couple, who are proud to share the itenary of their Honeymoon trip.

6- What was he thinking? Future planning?

7- This bride would have surely been a gold digger or madly in love.

8- When you know your happiness is coming to an end with your marriage.

9- Perhaps she wanted to kill him with food.