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Check Out The 14 Richest Celebrity Kid In Instagram

The lifestyle and richness of any celebrity has always been the interest of the crowd. Social media sites have emerged as the entertaining source for such queries that people have. Out of the many, Instagram is the most famous platform. Today, we bring to you a list of 14 rich Instagram kids about whom you ought to know.

1. Neno

Neno is the CEO of Advance Crypto Academy which runs in the relation to crypto currency and bitcoin. He doesn’t keep his wealth a surprise. That makes him one of the rich Instagram celebrity.

2. Christian Combs

The 22 year old Christian Combs is the son of the hip hop sensation, Sean Diddy Combs. He has a rich legacy and a huge bank balance.

3. Micheal Louis Maddoloni

The founder of Luxury Lifestyle Magazine and a big designer, Micheal Louis Maddoloni earns big from his business and he makes it known through his account.

4. Robert Cavalli

He is the son of legendary designer Roberto Cavalli and is a rich lad now. He lives a lavish and rich lifestyle.

5. Milevskate

This Russian fashion sensation has a fat bank balance and owns a dazzling life of rich culture. Private jets, expensive cars and classic champagnes are his to-do grabs.

6. Peter Mark Brant

Peter is a 25 year old model and associate leads a grand life with expensive hobbies. All of his rich access is visible in his feed.

7. Daria Radionova

Daria is living a fat rich lifestyle with owning private jets, million dollar cars, luxurious lingerie and clothing are a part of her lavish culture.

8. Taylor Mega

Taylor is an entrepreneur cum model who also has several brands in the same niche. She is just 26 yet is one of the richest young celebrity in Instagram.

9. Louis Casper Dumweber

He is a 25 year old millionaire who works in the fashion and travel sector. He lives a fast and lavish life with expensive cars and hobbies to his name.

10. Riddhi Oswal

Oswal is just 16 and already is the founder of Stop The B, an anti bullying forum. She is monetarily rich and also leads a lavish and huge life.

11. Jass Manak

Jass Manak is a renowned Punjabi singer. The young lad owns a huge wealth and his prosperity is well showcased through his expensive lifestyle and lavish interests.

12. Prince PD

Prince is a German entrepreneur who’s instagram feed is full of expensive cars, lavish properties and prosperous lifestyle.

13. Steven Sachs

Steventeven is a young lad who owns several business who’s wealth is directly related to his lavish lifestyle in Instagram.

14. Shehan Chandrosoma

Shehan is a pro Formula 4 racer and he is just 17! At such an age, he is a rich and independent lad who lives a lavish Instagram life.




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