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More Trouble For Arnab Goswami And Republic Media

In a shocking development that exposed a leaked chat between Arnab Goswami and BARC India’s erstwhile CEO, Partho Dasgupta, it has left the News Broadcaster Association (NBA) stunned. NBA has mentioned that there was collusion between the two which unfairly manipulated the ratings to gather greater viewership number by the …

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13 Most Controversial Scandals Involving Cricketers

We are all aware of the kind of life cricketers live and that they are always very close to getting lured to things that they should not be doing, like betting and drugs. In the past, a number of cricketers have faced serious issues and have had to lose their …

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5 Celebrities Who Were Rejected At Auditions

Bollywood is one of the most unpredictable industries that there is. It is all depended on your lucky and connection. If you meet the right people with the right connections at the right time, your career will bloom with finesse. However, if you do not know the small turns and …

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7 Famous Celebrities Who Changed Their Religion

Religion and faith is a belief that grows from within and stays with you throughout. Even though in today’s time the belief of religion is used more to divide than to unite people, but it surely was not always this way. Today we bring you the name of 8 Indian …

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