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7 Most Popular Voice-Over Artists Of India

Voice-over artists play an important role in the marketing campaigns of brands. There have been several incidents where advertisements for popular because of the voice behind those advertisements. One of the biggest examples of this is the television reality show Bigg Boss, where the voice behind the ‘Bigg Boss’ has …

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Most Hilarious Pictures We Found On The Internet

Apparently, there are a lot of fantasies that we as Indians grow up with. Spanning from ranging across the highest peaks to beguiling an idyllic life in the beaches of India that exudes the vibes of Miami, these fantasies rake our world inside out. However, the reality is very different. …

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20 Inventions That Were Actually Created By Mistake

The world has advanced by leaps and bounds with every passing day and science has been at the helm of this ginormous advancement. Mankind has always been at the top of the food chain because of its amazing brain and science has provided the biggest weapon to the hungry brain. …

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