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19 Images That Show Indians Are Not Afraid Of PDA

Despite the availability of OYO rooms at a much reasonable rate, it seems that couples still love the old-school ways to go to parks, hide behind the umbrella or maybe an over-dense shrubbery, and carry on with their love epics that indulge some prancing physical movements. However, their boundaries are …

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7 Most Controversial Lip-Locks Of Bollywood Celebrities

Controversies are like a religious highlight of the B-Town and the fans love nothing more than some intimate debates from their favourite celeb’s bedroom. Not only are they intrigued or enthralled by bedroom stories but at times sudden kisses or lip-locks are also a part of the B-Town and they …

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9 Pictures Of Bollywood Stars Without MakeUp

On-screen perfection has always got to us in ways it should not. No matter the scenario and state of our mind while watching a movie, our brain does slowly slide to the absolute perfection that we look at. It is no secret that the land of reel life is heavily …

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11 Brands We All Think Are Indian But They Are Not

.India has the highest market for consumers or goods. This is in regards to the factor of the variant and various diversities of culture, race and ethnicity that the country has to offer. However, among the numerous availability of brands, there are a few that have become popular as an …

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