If you are active on twitter, there is no chance that you have missed out on checking the incredible tweets of Mumbai Police. The official twitter handle of Mumbai Police, has been giving some really important messages to people in a very effective way, the twitter handle is filled with creativity and people just love them for this. Their tweets never fails to go viral on social media and when it comes to trolling, Mumbai Police are the king of trolling.

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Recently, Bollywood actor Uday Chopra posted a tweet expressing his views how Marijuana should be legalized. In his tweet he explained by giving two reasons. However, he wouldn’t have imagined that Mumbai Police will troll him this badly.

Here, have a look at the tweet of Uday Chopra :

The tweet read:
“I feel India should legalize marijuana. Firstly, It’s part of our culture. Secondly, I think if legalized and taxed it can be a huge revenue source. Not to mention it will remove the criminal element associated with it. Plus and most importantly it has a lot of medical benefits!”

Mumbai Police was quick to notice the tweet. They trolled him like a boss and explained him how Marijuana is a drug for intoxication purposes and its possession, and how consumption and transportation may send a person behind the bars in India for a long time.

Here, have a look at how Mumbai Police trolled Uday Chopra  :

The tweet read:
“Sir,as citizen of India,you are privileged to express your view on a public platform. Be mindful,as of now, consumption, possession and transportation of marijuana, invites harsh punishment as per provisions of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act,1985. Spread the Word”

As soon as Mumbai Police’s tweet caught eyes, twitterati started trolling him very badly.Here, have a look at how twitterati are trolling Uday Chopra :

We really wish that Uday Chopra will be more careful now before tweeting anything controversial.

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