Swara Bhasker is one of the very talented and versatile actress of Bollywood. She has done some phenomenal work in many movies including Tanu Weds Manu, Ranjhanaa, Tanu Weds Manu Returns, Nil Batey Sanatta, etc. However, she is always in news for all the wrong reasons and controversies.

People on the internet can’t stop trolling her for her controversial scene in the movie Veere Di Wedding. Well, in the controversial scene Swara Bhaskar is seen satisfying herself through masturbation. The scene created a lot of buzz on social media and people just can’t seem to be over it even after so many months of release of the movie.

Recently, when the Supreme Court decriminalised Section 377. A wave of happiness went through the complete nation among the LGBTQ community. During all the news reporting, Chitrapu Uday Bhaskar, a prominent critic and expert on the nation’s security and strategic affairs as well as a retired Commodore appreciated the observation of an eminent lawyer Meneka Guruswamy.

Chitrapu Uday Bhaskar also happens to be the father of Swara Bhaskar. Here, have a look at his tweet :

The tweet read:
“Bravo @MenakaGuruswamy on @ndtv very insightful observation re. ‘constitutional morality’ in relation to LGBT decision. .CJI Misra & colleagues have redeemed faith of vulnerable citizen in higher judiciary. Hope enabling legislation will follow soon & police prejudices set aside”

Meanwhile, a troller jumped in from nowhere and mocked his father on the masturbation scene of Swara Bhaskar. Here, have a loo at the tweet of the troller :

The tweet read:
“Who she is and what she is doing sir?? I confused…. A bigggggg faaaaan of @ReallySwara”

Before Swara’s father could give a reply, Swara Bhaskar came in and gave a befitting reply to the troller. She not just explained him that what the scene is about but also taught him a lesson about how to behave with elders.

Here, have a look at her tweet :

The tweet read:
I’m an ‘actor’ & I’m ‘acting’ like I’m using a vibrator Palash. U don’t need to ask my father, you can ask me directly the next time you have any doubts! 😎 p.s. drop the Veer from your name bro, anyone trying to shame an older person by such cheap tactics is not v brave! Cheers”

The twitter was soon flooded with the comments of appreciation. Here, have a look at some of the reactions :

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