Top 10 Highest Paid Bollywood Singers Of 2017


Every movie has one or more songs in it, and they play a very important role in making the movie more impactful. When talking about songs, we cannot imagine composing a song without a singer.


When talking about songs and singers, one cannot forget about Bollywood. Bollywood’s one of the main characteristics is the songs present in it. Bollywood movies generally contain 3 to 5 songs per movie.

Bollywood has some world-class singers who are said to be one of the best in the world. These singers have their unique style of singing and always make us fall in love for their melodious songs.


Well, here are some of the top paid singers from Bollywood in 2017, according to their talent.

Top 10 Highest Paid Singers Of Bollywood in 2017:

  1. Neeti Mohan


Neeti Mohan is a playback singer, born in Delhi. She won the Channel V’s popular show Popstars. She charges a sum of about Rs. 6 lakhs per song.

  1. Mohit Chauhan

One of the well known male singers in the Industry, mainly singing for Bollywood and Tollywood movies. He claims a charge of Rs. 7 lakhs per song.

  1. Neha Kakkar

Formerly a participant in India Idol Season 2, she now claims a huge name in Bollywood. At present, she is very popular in the industry and charges a handsome Rs. 8 lakhs per song.

  1. Atif Aslam

The Pakistani- singer cum actor, Atif Aslam remained in the top singer’s list for a very long time. His singing always makes us love him more. For the same, he bags Rs. 9 lakhs per some.

  1. Sonu Nigam

One of the highest rated singers of all time, Sonu Nigam has one of the most melodious voice. As per his fees, he demands a handsome package of Rs. 9 lakhs per song.

  1. Vishal-Sekhar

Popular duo music composers Vishal-Sekhar remained in the industry for about more than 15 years.  Their charge is pretty high, Rs. 10 lakhs per song.

  1. Sunidhi Chauhan

One of the top 5 most paid singers in Bollywood, Sunidhi bags Rs. 11 lakhs for each song.

  1. Arijit Singh

Everyone’s favorite Arijit Singh takes the 3rd position in the top 10 list. The most popular singer at present, Arijit charges Rs. 13 lakhs for each of his soulful songs.

  1. Mika Singh

The Punjabi rockstar and performer, Mika boasts a fee of Rs. 13 lakhs per song.

  1. Shreya Ghosal

The beautiful Shreya Ghosal, without a surprise, takes the top position on the list. The very consistent female singer from India holds four National Film Awards, six Filmfare Awards and more for best playback singer. She takes the chart to the extreme, Rs. 18-20 lakhs per song, though justified for her singing.