This Photoshoot Of Fawad Khan And Wife Is Giving Us Major Relationships Goals


We have got an eye-treat for all Fawad Khan fans but with a bit of spice. Fawad Khan with his wife Sadaf Khan makes jaw drops with their recent photo-shoot.


Although, they don’t believe in doing ‘PDAs’ and don’t flaunt pictures of them together that often but when they do, they make sure that fans can’t keep their eyes off.


Girls, If you are done staring the above pictures, coming back to the story, the photo-shoot was shot by the Photographer Abdullah Haris, who shot their black and white sexy images but this photo-shoot was done months back and the chemistry between the couple is giving us major goals.

Well, get ready for an eye-treat, thank us later:

1. Gosh! That Killer Smile:


2. That Look:

3. Look at him laughing *_* :

4. Wow! :

5. Awww! :

Okay, now we’ll tell you the less-known love story of Fawad and his wife Sadaf.

Fawad Khan and wife, Sadaf met when they were only 16 years old and Fawad fell in love with Sadaf instantly but couldn’t gather enough courage to tell Sadaf about that. They both became friends and started chatting online.At the age of 17, Fawad met with an accident where he hurt his pancreas and developed a diabetes problem. When he was still in the hospital, his friends told him that Sadaf was asking about him. This gave Fawad a hope that Sadaf might feel the same for him.

Within a week of meeting, Fawad proposed Sadaf. They were in different colleges, Fawad used to go daily and wait for Sadaf infront of her college. After a few years, their families being conservative putted some restrictions for the couple but Fawad did everything to impress her family, even a 9-5 job after giving up on his singing and acting career but he was born to be a star.  The couple is fulfilling all the promises they did in their teenage years. Their love story is no less than any fairy-tale.